Amazing weekend!

I have had a really nice weekend!! a lot of party, so I'm quite tired today...:P
On saturday it was raining a lot, so I didn't do much in the morning. But at 9 I met up with a friend of Nicole who was here for the weekend, and we went out partying at a club at 27st. It was fun!!

I love that shirt...=)

This is what u can find at the toilets: chocolate, hairspray, fliplflops...xD

On sunday I had a bit of a hangover, but I met up with Daniel and his friend. We went to Felix, on Grand Street/West Broadway, where there were a lot of people. We had a drink there, and then a friend of my friends friend (haha) came, and took us to a party at Gansevoort Hotel, Meat Packaging District. There was a big party at the rooftop! So cool! amazing views! They opened the glassroof and we were dancing in the rain...soooo nice!! I really had a lot of fun, and I was introduced to a lot of people, mostly spanish (even a girl from Tenerife!). It was really nice!! I kept on partying all night long, then I took a taxi home =)

Dancing in the rain =)

I didn't go to school today, didn't hear my alarm.. :S bad girl...haha! I was at Central Park before, but I was tired and went home, so now I'm just relaxing, and later I'll probably go out and do something nice =) finally nice weather!!


First night out in Manhattan!

Yesterday was my first night out in Manhattan! We had a nice dinner in a Corean restaurant called Jeollado, where we had Beef Tarayaki and a lot of sushi :D It was really good! It was like a "good bye dinner" for Deana, who's leaving school, so we were 7 people from our class there, so it was fun!

After the dinner we had a yoghurt icecream at Pinkberry and then we went to a bar there in East Side (think it was there! but I'm not sure...) It was fun, but I'd like to go to a club some day! =)

My name's on my icecream =)

Today I'm a bit tired, cause I woke up quite early, I wanted to go to The Garages flea market at 112 W 25th Street, bw 6th-7th av. (I'm writing this down so that I can go there again when I'm coming back to NY again, cause I'm definitly coming back!!) I didn't find anything though, so I went and had a big american breaffast in a small cafeteria instead: pancakes with syrop, scrambled eggs, bacon & coffee. The pancakes were grate!! I'd never tried them before, but I really recomend them! :P

The Garage Flea Market & My hungover pancakes =)

Now I'm sitting in my room & I think I'll have a nap...tired girl today! And it's rainy and dark outside, so I don't feel like going out right now. I'd like to go to the cinema later, to see Up (Disneys 3D film) or any other...we will see! I'd need to do some laundry too...but I don't feel like going up to look for a laundry right now, I'll sleep!!

Night in Manhattan

Today I'll go and have dinner & couple of drinks with my classmates, that will be fun!! Haven't had a simple drink here in NY yet!! Only a beer! :O

This morning I spoke with Sami, miss him! There are so many places here that I would like to show him! :D We will have to come here again...SOON!!!

Today after school I went with David & Daniel to the East Side to have lunch. David had made a sandwich for me, so nice!! =) Then I went for some fast shopping and now I'll get ready for a nice night!!

East Side of Manhattan, New Jersey back there :P


More NYC

Today it has been raining...not everyday can be perfect! :P
I'm home early too, no plans today...actually I'm quite tired anyway, came home late last night!

Yesterday I had a really good time. First to school, then with Deana & Daniel for a 1$ pizza and some sightseeing in East Village. Then we met up with Deanas friend & boyfriend and we went to Staten Island with the free ferry, to see the Statue of Liberty! It's really small actually... xD But I didn't expect it to be very big, cause everybody I talked to said it was really small, so I wasn't disappointed :P

Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry

After that we went to a really nice café, Café Café, in SoHo (Green St., bw Broom & Spring st.)

At Café Café


At about 9 we went walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. That was amazing! Then we stayed at the Brooklyn Park until almost 2, enjoying the incredible views...THAT WAS REALLY COOL!


Today it's been raining a lot, and my feet were completely wet....:( After school we went and had lunch, and then David tookMacyso Macys', looking for some shoes, but I didn't find any. After that I took CafétCaféfé Café to chat for a Yeppe (Yepp!! very proud about that I can take people to places! it's called ORIENTATION!!Dalí

Gallerí Dalí in SoHo

Then I went for some shopping on my own. I went to MAC, where they "makeuped" me (YES ELISAAAAA!!!), and I bought 2 eye-shadows, a foundation and a creme to make the eye-shadows stay longer :P (Don't be too jealous, Eli! I took a photo for u! :P) I also bought a scarf & some accessories at H&M. I saw a pair of RayBan sunglasses that I loved too...but I didn't buy them, have to think about it!

After some more shopping =)

Well, so no I'm sitting here in my little room, did just have my first hamburger from McDonald's. Taste the same as in Spain. :P

Times Square

Oh!! I got free tickets to the Empire State building too!! So cool!! So I'll go there when the weather is better...I hope that will be soon!!!


Brooklyn Bridge

I've had an amazing night!! =)


Shopping in Manhattan

Today has been another great day :D

I started the day with a bagel & a coffe from one of the street stands :)
really good for 1.5$!

First school this morning, with some new class mates that didn't come yesterday. I met a girl from Switzerland that seems to be very nice. Maybe I'm gioing to a concert with her tomorrow :D

This is a map David drawed to me of Manhattan =)

After that I went with David & Elad for lunch & then some shopping :D I was really looking forward to that! So now I have 2 jeans (1 Levis & 1 from Urban Outfitter) & 3 really nice shirts =)

My shopping!

After that a friend to David joined us, so we went to China Town, SoHo & the Village (really nice, like small houses, you don't feel like u were in Manhattan! Really cheap to live there too....haha! JOKING)

Eating Chinese food in China Town & Strange fruits!

The Village. So nice houses!!

We were supposed to go to the cinema now to see Disneys new 3D movie "Up", but we were too tired, so we decided to leave that for another day.

Now I'll go to bed after a very hard day, wakling up and down Manhattans streets and avenues...

I don't have words to describe how much I like this. I really like it. I didn't know if I would feal comfortable here in sucha a big city, but I like it a lot!




Seeing Manhattan

Anna in Time Square!

Today has been a greate day!! :D

Went to school this morning, quite nervous about what I would finde there, but it was greate!! my teacher is really good, and my class mates too =)

After school I went with a canarian guy, called David, and one guy more to have lunch in the park, then me & David walked thru aaaall Manhattan!! Sooo cool! I really loved it!

Sitting in the park having lunch

We went to the library, that was amazing, the Rockefeller center, a cool store where all the people who jobs there are really hot!! Gorgeous boys with no tshirt and beautiful girls with small dresses..haha! We went to the M&Ms store, to Time Squiere, all Broadway, Madison Avenue....so many places!! It started raining too, a looot!! But then it stopped, so we went to the park to see a film, The Sting, but it was cold, and we didn't hear it so we decided to go. I'm quiete tired too, so now I'm going to bed, very happy and enjoying life!


I see a cow here, what do u see? xD


Looking at a movie in the park



Now i'm here!! in the Big Apple...feel a bit strange...it's amazing, nice, exciting and I'm really happy, but at the same time I feel alone, like a small little girl lost in a huge city.
I'm a bit scared, have never been in such a big city before! And even less alone!

A tired Anna arriving in NYC!

I'm hungry and very tired, so probably that makes my feelings of lonelyness even worse.

Well, actually I'm going down to the cafeteria now to see if I can find some friends :P if not I'll get to know some people tomorrow at school! :)

Byee!! wish me luck!!

The views from my room if I hang out from the window =)



Igår hade vi kul som attan!! Först gick vi och åt på Baviera, drack go' öl och "tinto de verano" :P Sen gick vi till Desden och drack jätte goda mojitos!! Där träffade vi några klasskompisar också, så det va trevligt! Efter det gick vi till Havana, där Evelin hade kollat in en kille som hon va intreserad av :P Jag fick förstås fixa till så den snygga killen fick göra foto på oss, och sen festade vi med dom heeeela kvällen! skit kul!
Vi gick till Mulligans, där alla erasmus går, så det va en massa folk!! En måndag! jag hade alldrig festat en måndag, men det va faktiskt skiitkul!! det hade jag iaf..xD


1 vecka kvar!!!

Om en vecka är jag i NYC!!!! hjälp!! va tiden går snabbt!! och under den veckan kommer jag göra en massa saker!!!!

Plugga på morgonen till sista provet som jag har kl. 15.00-18.00.
Sen äta trevligt middag med tjejerna på stan, och ut och festaaa!! (vet inte hur det kommer bli en måndag, men vi har säkert kul!!)

Packa och städa hela lägenheten.

Fortsätta och packa och städa. Köra allt till Miriam. Sova hos henne.

Gå upp kl. 4 på morgonen, ta flyget kl. 6. Kommer till Gbg kl. 9.30, tar tåget. Pappa hämtar. Stor student fest på Sunne för kära brorsan tar studenten. Träffar heeeela tjocka släkten och har trevligt till långt in på natten.

Har lunch med släkten, farmor bjuder. Åker ner till Halmstad, Denise studentfest. Party hela natten lång tror jag...men hela härliga släkten igen =)

kommer antagligen vara bakis. Vara lite med familjen i lugn och ro. Packa.

Åka till Malmö på något vis, tidigt på morgonen. Ta tåget till Köpehamn, flyg till Munich och sen NYC!!!

Inte illa va?? Fullt upp hela veckan!! ser verkligen fram emot det!!!! JAG KOMMER HA SÅ JÄÄÄÄKLA KUUUUUUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Här är jag om en vecka!!!!


Pepinillos salaos...

Aportación de Cristina "Lidi" que se aburre y no quiere estudiar, asi que ha explicado en detalle a Pepinacos!! :

"- En muchas ocachiones (tic ojo) choca!
- Las síbalas son las mismas
- Voi a comerme un chicle que se me secan las branqueas!
- Sustituye los grifos (gafas) por mujeres
- Testar el tex tex tex --- to.
- Os vais a la biblioteca y os cogéis este librito... es de bolsillo, eh?? (intenta metérselo en el bolsillo pero no le cabe)
- (gesto mano haciendo que no) no no no no... ni con caramelitos, eh?
- Abro UN web!
- Las cosas de palacio... van despacio
- Nou jou (Know how)
- Jou tú (How to)

Ainsssss, si en realidad lo echaremos de menos...

siempre recordarás esos golpetazos en su panza, sus movimientos de hombros hacia delante, su levantamiento piernil cuando baja de la tarima... que majura de hombre...

Lo mejor de todo fue el último día cuando dijo: No sé si habréis aprendido algo interesante... yo creo que sí.

En realidad... hemos aprendido cómo elaborar textos publicitarios???? no lo sé amigas, no lo sé!"

Aqui tenemos a Cristina cantando y bailando con Peps
(que no Pepi, gran diferencia!!

Asi que, bueno, un hombre particular con unas expresiones particulares...pero que nunca olvidaremos!!! =)


Kul kväll!! :D

Idag är jag bakis... Men vi hade jätte kul igår så det är det värt!! Evelin kom hem till mig och vi gjorde jätte god paj på pumpa och broccoli som vi hittade på. Vi drack gott vin, lyssnade på bra musik (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Amy Macdonald...) och pratade på =)

Jag är ganska brun va? ;)

Sen tyckte vi att vi kunde ga ut en runda, och kolla in den nya puben som dom har öppnat, så satte på oss klackar och stack iväg.

"Lolita" (puben) va jätte fin, men det fans inte en människa, så vi gick vidare, efter att ha träffat på en kille som tyckte att baren va väldigt "CHIP"...jag förstog inte ett ord, men Evelin kom på att det så klart betydde "CHIC"...haha!

Här är vi på "chippa" puben Lolita och fånar oss :P

Iaf så gick vi till Sol, men det fans knappas några där heller, så Evelin tyckte att vi kunde gå till Amara. Vi hamnar alltid på Amara till sist!! fast det är så hemskt!! men det är ju ända stället man kan dansa lite på iaf...

Vi hittade en kompis på vägen, vi ville lära oss och sy...
det är ju alltid bra att kunna!

Så blev det ju Amara till sist, vi dansade, drack mycket (enda sättet att stå ut med att vara där inne, om man är full tänker man inte på alla konstiga människor som omringar en) och skrattade åt allt och alla. Bartendern blev förälskad i mig och bjöd på shots och ville vara med på kort...ful va han, men trevligt med gratis shots! :P Konstiga killar kom fram och pratade och tyckte att vi va dom snyggaste tjejerna som va ensamma på hela stället...hmm...xD

Fina och goda drinkar som den förälskade bartendern gjorde till oss :P

Vid 4 stängde dom och vi fick gå ut, precis när jag hade hittat en snygg kille till Evelin! dumt! :P

När vi va där ute kom det fram en kille som försökte prata med argentinsk accent (killar gör det ibland, dom tror att dom får mer tjejer då) som vi skrattade åt...men det visade sig förstås att han va argentinare, såklart...:S jaja, vi hade kul iaf!!

På vägen hem försökte vi vara Pinillos, våran lärare som vi har prov med på mondag. Vi imiterade alla hans ticks och skrattade och va glada xD

Tick 1. Handen klappar magen. Tick 2. Lyfter på axlarna. Tick 3. Upp med knät.
Ser ut som aerobic! xD

Men idag är jag som sagt bakis...och bakis-hungrig...och har inte ett dugg lust att plugga!! :( Men det måste vi, sista provet på mondag!!! wiii!!! sen ska vi ut och festa på kvällen (tror inte jag har festat så mycket under tentorna någonsin!!), flyttning, Sverige och NY!! inte illa!! =D