My 1€ outfit

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Me and Kathrine, one of the wwofers, went out "clubbing" in Los Llanos last night, we had a lot of fun!!
We stayed at a friends house in Tazacorte and this morning we went to the flee market to say hello to the family :)
Bought a cool jeans jacket for 2€!
Then we wanted to hitchhike home to pick up our bikins and change to some more suitable beach clothes, but we were not lucky...

No luck with the hitchhiking...
how dare they not stopping when i'm wearing this amazing jacket???

Since nobody wanted to pick us up (maybe we are to pretty??) we decided to buy an outfit at the flee market instead...found a pair of Lee jeans for 1€ that i cut the legs off: new shorts! And dad gave me an old t-shirt. Simsalabim and i had a new 1€ outfit!

My 1€ outfit :)

Not lucky with the hitchhiking this time either...

But finally we got to the beach :)


Wine tasting

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I've had a lot of red/white/rosé wine tonight :) it was nice! nice dinner with nice people at a nice place. Can't ask for more!
Btw, I did that ring ;)

And... I have the funniest mom EVER!!!!
Love her haha she makes me laugh!
Sometimes (MANY times) I ask myself who's the oldes one though :P

And my head is spinning...


La Palma = relaxing

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After a long trip I'm finally at La Palma. Had amazing lunch, then siesta time, then strawberry cake then reading Grimm stories for the girls :) Loved those books when i was a kid!

Siri & Black Beauty

My 8 years old little sister and her friend were having the cutes conversation today :)

- "Why do hunters hunt?"
- "Because they need meat"
- "But they can buy meat in the shop!...well actually that's the same as hunting it....ok..but...why do meat exist??"
- "Because we want to eat it"
- "Yes...but why do we want to eat it?"
- "Because it's meat!"
- "Ok yes...but we shouldn't kill rabits and cats and dogs, animal
s that i like, we should kill cockrouches and mosquitos!!"
- "Then we would have to eat the whole day to be full!!"

Hahaha love this kids!! And love being home!

Girls having fun w/ my laptop :P
think i can hear the waka waka??


Starting again :)

Sooo....have been out of this blog for over a year, and tehre has been a lot of things happening...
Was thinking about starting updating it again!!
I'm back in Alicante now, after a year of traveling that I'll write about later on. Now i have a year of studies in front of me, and tons of university parties :)
In couple days i'm going to the Canary Islands, La Palma, the tiny little Island where I grew up, to visit my family, relax, ride horses up in the mountains and eat vegetarian food. Looking forward to it!!

La Palma