Quotes of the year 2010

Here i have a list of quotes from this last year, that I spent traveling through India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The people who were there at that moment will laugh as much as I am while writing it :)

Mirek, old man with wise words :)

"You go upstairs/downstairs!"
"Today is today..tomorrow....is other day!"
"Nobody know, only god know, but he's asleep, don't wake him up!"
"Look! There!!" running away from the hug :P
"U make bag? very gut! NOW i go drink!" and then he goes and sit down at Ganesh's shop and has a Kingfisher :)
"Urgency!! Call ambulance!! mental hospital!"

"Today is raining, I can only drink, smoke and do nothing!" (definitely keeping this one in mind...!)

"Nicole, now we count! no fall asleep!"
"Now I have to go look football!" while grabbing a crab by it's leg
"Renata today lose her last teeth"
Mirek is drunk and a bit stoned after a half bottle of whiskey and laughs. we ask him why he laugh and he says:
"funny is life... and whiskey!"
Nathalie, 12 years old, is trying to eat spagetti with a fork but it gets complicated. Mirek looks at her (he is stoned of course), laughes and says:
"look! nathalie is dancing with spagetti"

Mirek and Jeanna is talking about some swedish friend. Mirek says: "you dont know svenska flicka??"

Mirek, Nicole and Anna baby :)

Renata, the lesbian artist with no teeth :)

"Naughty naughty, swedish girls naughty naughty! No money no honey no boom boom!" "Sorry Nickel!! sorry!!" Says Tora Tora Hindi

"This is the first episode of FRENDS! Anushka babushka eh!! Oh no!"

"Why like this? Lama Kaja?"

"Do u have the time? I have the time on my mobile phone...I'll tell u...if u give me some of ur water!"
psycho guy in Kaza, shirt inside out, nice hair :P

"Eat teto eat teto eat bread" - dish on a vietnamese menu

Conversation with indian man:
Anna: "So u married?"
Indian: "No, not married"
: "So when are u gonna marry indian woman?"
"No, if i marry I marry western woman!"
"Oh, wester woman? why Western woman?"
"Western woman much more experienced!" (wobbling head)
A: "Oh, u a very experienced man?"
"I see many movies"


This was the restaurant where this conversation was held, in Palolem :)

Indian honesty...:

Indian: "U very healthy woman!"
Nickel: "Yes, I'm very strong"
: "No, i don't think strong, i think little bit fat, like my sister!" while pinching Nicole's arm.

Indian taxi driver to Lizzy: "U look old and boring"
Guy at train about Lizzy, who's reading: "I think ur friend is a little bit boring"
And she's ANYTHING but boring!

Lizzush and Anushka doing THE greeting :)


Honest indians: "I think...u little bit fat"
: "No, i'm not!"
Indian, grabbing my belly:
"Yes u are!!!"
Later, pointing at Nickel: "And u also little bit fat!"


Calcutta Airpor. Waiting to check in. We ask an indian guy if we can check in. He asnwers:
"Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Sit sit sit sit sit sit sit" Stops talking. Looks at us. Says "HELLO!" as if he had never seen us before.


Indian Taxi drivers are known for driving fast and crazy through Bombays busy streets.
We were in a hurry, about to loose our train. Of course we had the "luck" to find the only slow taxi driver in Bombay, that actually stopped at red light, something ever seen before.
After checking up in the dictionary how to say "Fast, hurry!" in hindi:
Me: "Jaldi Jaldi!!!! Hurry hurry chicken curry!! JALDI!! Bahut Jaldi hai!!"

The taxi driver takes my hand and wants to teach me how to change the gear....

Me: "No!! Jaldi!! Bahut jaldi hai! Train!! Jaldi jaldi!"

Taxi driver points at the music radio, wobble his head and asks if i want to change the music. He sings to the Bollywood song, keeps on stopping at red light, and all other ways of transportation, including cars, bicycles, rikshas, yeah, even cows, pass by...

We call our indian friend, tell he the situation, give the taxi driver the phone, she explains to him, taxi driver stare at us with disbelief.
We stop trying. He keeps on stoppin to red light, driving slow, showing us the view, changing songs, singing and dancing.
But we didn't miss the train! :D

...Thank u haha...

What a year!! :D


Kings Drinking Game :)

I've played this drinking game in different places in the world, and it's really a lot of fun. And u always manage to get smashed.
The first time I played it was with Elisa and her friends. After that i've played it in the States, in Alicante and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Lizzy and I had a really fun night that time!! haha!!

Here are the instructions how to play KINGS (there are different ways, but this is how we did it)

Players must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn. Each card has a rule that is pre determined before the game starts.

Ace "Waterfall" To "water fall" each player starts drinking their beverage, depending on the direction of the game (whether you are picking cards clockwise or counter clockwise). No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops drinking.

2 "For You" The player who drew the card assigns someone to take a shot.

3 "For Me" The player who drew the card takes a shot.

4 "To The Floor" The last player in touching the floor must drink.
or "Thumb Master" The player that picks the card becomes "Thumb Master". At any time during the game, they discretely put their thumb on the table. Then everyone else puts their thumbs on the table. The last person to put their thumb on the table drinks.

5 "Guys" All participating men drink.

6 "Chicks" All participating women drink.

7 "Heaven" All players must point to the ceiling (Heaven). The last player to point takes a drink.

8 "Mate" The player who drew the 8 selects another player to be his/her "drinking mate". Any time the player drinks, the mate must drink as well.
or "Captain Dickhead" The drawer of an 8 becomes the Captain (Dickhead) and can do anything they want, imposing an unlimited number of rules until the next 8 is drawn, where all the previous Captain's rules are revoked, unless the new Captain wishes to keep them.

9 "Rhyme" The player who drew the 9 says a word, then the players go around in the circle saying words that rhyme with the original. No word may be said twice, the first player who can not come up with a word, or says a word that doesn't rhyme must drink.

10 "Never Have I Ever" The player who drew the 10 must play a variation of the game Never Have I Ever in which only three fingers are held up.

Jack "Rules" The player can make up a new rule to be played throughout the remainder of the game, such as: No Cursing, Green Man (you have to pretend to take a tiny man off your cup before you drink then put him back on when you're done), you are not allowed to say "No"... If you don't follow the rule you must take another drink.

Queen "Question Master" The player who drew the Queen keeps it until some one answers any question asked. The player who answers must drink or, depending on the house rules, all players must go around the circle asking questions (some variations require that the question be contextually sensible) or the player with whom the asker made eye contact with must ask a question to another player (in some circles asking to the same person loses the game). No question may be said twice (or repackaged in some versions), the first player who can not come up with a question, or says something that is not a question must drink.

King "Kings cup" An empty cup is placed in the middle of the table. Whenever a king is drawn, that person pours some of his or her drink to the community cup. When the fourth king is drawn, that person must chug the contents of the community cup.

This rules can change and you can make up new rules. Our target is to GET DRUNK!! :)

Bodega time!

Yesterday I went to a bodega up in the mountains with my friends. For those who don't know what a bodega is, it's like a private wine cellar. Here in La Palma, as in many other places of Spain, many people has their own wine yard and they make their own wine.

They make and keep the wine in the bodega, where u go with a bunch of friends to drink wine, Arehucas (Canary Island rum) cola, and eat meat, potatoes and mojo.

Basically u go there to get drunk and eat a lot of food.

+ = Drunkness

This bodega was like a cave, with a big door. No electricity (we connected a lamp to the car battery), up in the mountains, ice cold! But fun :)

Lorena and I managed to get everybody to play drinking games, KINGS, it was really a lot of fun, and everybody got smashed haha! So the whole bodega philosophy did happen :)


Thats it


All I want for Christmas is...

...a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes...




So yesterday was my last day to choose my destinations for my exchange program for the second semester next year, and finally I decided for Shanghai!!
In second place i put Sao Paulo and third California...Now I just have to wait and see if i get it!! I hope not too many ppl ask for it.

1st: Shanghai:

This is awesome!!

2nd Sao Paulo:

3rd California (Long Beach):

Any destinations would be GREAT!! :D

Shanghai....I have never been in China!! It must be sooooo different from what I'm used too! I went to Vietnam, and THAT was strange, but cool! The hardest part will be that NOBODY speaks English there apparently, so it will be pretty hard in the beginning, but I'll have to trust on my ability to learn chinese...I have one year, so I'll have to learn a little bit now, then ones there i guess I'll learn more. If not I won't even be able to take a bus, bc it's not that I'm that good on reading in chinese actually... u think it's similar to swedish? haha!

My best friend Evelin came from England today, I haven't seen her since september!! She'll be here any moment :D excitement!!

Puss puss!! (Kisses in Swedish)


Studying abroad

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Before Friday I have to decide where i want to go studying next year. I will ask for a scholar ship to study abroad, and I can choose between many destinations:

Plazas ofertadas :
Universidad Número de plazas
América Latina
Universidade Estadual de Maringá

Universidade de Sao Paulo
Universidad Mayor

Universidad Diego Portales 4
University of South Australia
Bishop's University
Université du Québec a Chicoutimi
Université Laval (Faculté des Lettres)
Wilfrid Laurier University
Estados Unidos

Appalachian State University 4
Arizona State University 4
California State University, Long Beach 4
University of Miami 6
University of North Florida
The University of Memphis 2
Universidad Federal del Sur 2
Universidad de Estudios Extranjeros de Guangdong
Universidad de Estudios Internacionales de Shanghai 2

So....I don't know where to go! I'm checking out the universities websites, and googling them, as well as the cities...I'm between University of Miami, California, Sao Paulo and Shanghai I think.

I think i need some help!!!