"Excuse me, do you have a lighter?"

The 1st of January of 2011 was not only the first day of the year, it was also the last day of smoking in public areas here in Spain.

No more smoking?

We had one of the lamest laws about smoking before, but since the 2nd of January we have one of the hardest ones in Europe. At least they didn't oblige us to kill the cigarette as soon as the bells rang 12.
No smoking in bars, clubs, restaurants, parks for kids, hospitals (not even outside), airports (the "smoking rooms" are now removed...), etc.

After all it's a good law, even though a lot of ppl are against it. I am a party smoker, but i know that me, and all the other party smokers out there, will smoke less now, since you have to go out every time you want to smoke a cig.

But the whole smoking experience will probably be the same or even more social now than before, just that the area will change. People still smoke, just that they have to go out for it, so a small little group will go out every now and then, you'll be able to talk, since the music won't be on the highest volume, get to know new ppl (the "Do you have a lighter?" trick won't fall in disuse, don't worry! Nor will the "do you have a cigarette?", justo go outside a pub/bar and you will see plenty of ppl holding a cig in their hands, waiting for some company, still perfect excuse to hit on that hot guy!), and the good thing is that you will have the same social experience as before, but smoking much less, so our health will def approve ;)

Excuse me, do you have a lighter?

I went out the other day for the first time this year, and even though I kept on forgetting that we weren't aloud to smoke inside (the waitresses kept on telling me), AND i managed to get pretty crazy too, for that matter... BUT the must exciting thing was that I woke up the day after with my hair still smelling shampoo and my clothes still smelling newly washed!!

New year new era!! Hurray! :P