Haven't been updating...haven't had time, to many other nice things to do! Anyway, I've uploaded some photos on Facebook, so you can see more or less what I've been doing =)

This week has been quite relaxed, cause I was starting to get sick, tonsilitis, and I didn't wanna be sick, so I've been sleeping, drinking tea with lemon and honey, wearing scarfs in 30ÂșC and just taing care of myself...haha! And actually I'm much better right now!! =) So tonight om going out partying!!! =D I'm going with David, some friends of him, Elad and Daniel. I'm sure it will be fun! Firt we are going to Tavern In The Green, in Central Park. A really nice place. I've already been there, on the fasion show las week!
After that we are going to Pink Elephant Club. We will see how that is! If I don't like it I might join the spanish group at Kiss 'n Fly later on.

Did just have a Starbucks smoothie and a horrible sandwich...can´t eat very good here!! basically living on sandwiches and pizza...good that I'm not eating very much, if not I would gain 10kg! Wouldn't be nice!

Went out for some shopping today. Wasn't ment to, but I was in a shopping center on Internet and when I was to go out it was raining a LOOOT (as usual), so I had to stay inside. And I went in to Bebe and found some really nice jeans and a amazing top, so I had to buy them :P After that it stopped raining, so I went to leave my shoes for repair, and on the way back I went in to a Mac store, where I bought black and grey eyeshadows...have had them on tonight, and they look nice!! =)

Don't know what to do until 10pm, when we are meeting up....hmmm....

Will keep on updating this a little. The other day I went to the Empire State too!! that was cool! Have to go to 230th fifth, a bar/restaurant on the 5th avenue that is supposed to have to best views of Manhattan. I'm maybe going there tomorrow :D

Views from the Empire State Building

I know Manhattans nightlife quite good by now!! I've been at GuestHouse (the worst and the first one...), at Gansevoort Hotel twice, at Greenhouse, at The Griffin twice, at Tavern in The Green, at Hudson Hotel (French Tuesday - White Party)... and tonight I'm going to Pink Elephant, and tomorrow maybe to Cain =) Quite good job, right? =)

Some pics:

Brooklyn Bridge/Apollo Theatre the day before M. Jackson died/Central Park

Partying!! =)