Anna is a FISh-cHEF :)

Just have to say...I'm the best cook ever!! just made oven baked salmon on a bed of spinach, mushrooms and cream, topped with parmegan cheese and shrimps, and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! (my neighbor just said it smelled amazing too :))

Anna's recipe:
Oven Baked Salmon on a Creamy Bed of Spinach

(Don't have a camera so this pic is made w/ my laptop :S)

A piece of salmon
Spinach (frozen is ok)
Mushrooms, sliced
Grated parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

Put some butter or olive oil in a pan (for oven), put the spinash, salt and pepper. Put the piece of salmon on the bed of spinach. Throw the slices of mushrooms, the shrimps and the cream over the spinash and top with roughly grated parmesan cheese. Put in the oven about 25 min, 175ºC. Get ready to enjoy!!

Now i'm going to my friend Ylvas' goodbye party, she's going back to cold Sweden on Friday!! :(

Leaving now, with red lips and a bottle of Lambrusco :)



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Do u know any funny condom ads??? would appreciate if u could send them to me :)

Creativity Online

Full Credits
Agency: AMP, Boston
Production Company: Best Company Ever
Director: Laura Murphy/Eileen Doherty
Client: LifeStyles
Producer: Laura Murphy/Eileen Doherty
Director of Photography: Christophe Lanzenberg
Editorial Company: Filmcore
Editor: Adam Svatek
Colorist: New Hat
Colorist: Bob Festa
Audio Post: Wholly Cow Audio
Music Company: Beacon Street Studios
Date Mar 31, 2009


Un experimento sociocreativo

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De “experimento sociocreativo” califican desde Tiempo BBDO Barcelona la acción que han ideado para promocionar la nueva cámara de Sony y que se desarrollará hoy en tiempo real en internet y en las calles de Barcelona.

Se realizó el día 17 de Noviembre 2010, y podemos ver como fue transcurriendo el día en el blog Me Llamo Fred.

El protagonista es Fred, un blogger amateur interpretado por Edu Soto. Durante doce horas Fred pondrá su vida en manos de los internautas. Cada veinte minutos grabará y subirá a la red un vídeo en el que darán a escoger tres opciones. En el siguiente vídeo llevará a cabo la más votada y así sucesivamente.

El trailer


La idea de grabar vídeos en tiempo real a partir de la interacción con los internautas ya la llevó a la práctica Old Spice hace unos meses en una campaña protagonizada por el 'chico Old Spice'.

Artículo completo: Anuncios.com

The Lion King Musical

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NYC. East Village. St Patricks day 2010. 7 people, different nationalities, meet in a bar. This is what happens.

High School Musical :)

Awembawe awmbawe awembawe awembawe!!!

We ♥: Paris VS New York

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Paris vs New York is a proyect from ViiiZ, the french designer Vahram Muratyan plays with the topics and cliches from the two cities. ¡We ♥ it!

Hard choice!!

behind the scenes

[More Graphics]

Paris, New York
Vahram Muratyan — cofounder of ViiiZ art direction + graphic design studio — portfolio : http://www.viiiz.fr


Fall sun in Alicante

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After a day at the"Transformers" course with Enric Bas we are now sitting in the fall sun at "club social II" at university having a coffee...life is good in Alicante! I'm NOT jealous of my cousin that is freezing to death in Olso!!

Soon I'll write a little about this course, it was really interesting :)

Here is the program:



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Hola Bandola!
I've been stressing around as a mad person today, going to 3 different classes in 3 hours (right now doing Audrey Hepburn on Illustrator, going well!), then runing to the bus to get in time to the train station. Train to Barcelona, meeting Lara. Tomorrow airport, flight to Gran Canaria, and then a weekend of PARTY!! WOMAD is waiting for me!

I'm really looking forward to Womad, will meet a lot of friends that I haven't seen in ages, since highschool!! :D Fun times for sure!



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....y pasamos de página.
Sometimes I don't understand, but hey, it's just to accept and keep on...jumping!

If you jump high enough you'll reach the sky :)


DOG DAYS ARE OVER - Florence + The Machine

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Here is the best music video ever :)
I want to be in that fairy forest w/ Florence+The Machine!!

They have another music video for the same song, the 2010 version, but it's not as good...but still makes me wanna jump!!!


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I'm going to Womad Festival in Gran Canaria!!! It's from the 11th to the 14th of November 2010 :D

Can't miss it!!

Womad 2009

Just bought the tickets!! Spanair on my way there, Ryanair on my way back, the whole trip return will be below 80€!!!!

Here is Lorena, my host :)

This is how they explain Womad at their website:

"Get ready to be enthralled by sights, instruments and sounds from across the world. Experience musicians creating their favourite dish at Taste The World. Learn about the artist- their culture and history, hear the secrets of the instruments they play and discover new dances at the adult workshops."

Line Up:

· Terakaft (Mali)
· The Creole Choir of Cuba (Cuba)
· Amparo Sánchez (Spain)
· Don Letts (Jamaica/United Kingdom)
· Dub Colossus (Ethiopia/United Kingdom)
· Krystle Warren (United States)
· Orchestre National de Barbès (Algeria/France/Morocco)
· Balkatalan Experiencie (Spain)
· Benjamín Escoriza (Spain)
· Frédéric Galliano and Kuduro Sound System (Angola/France)
· Seu Jorge & Almaz (Brazil)
· Kiko Veneno (Spain)
· Samuel Yirga (Ethiopia)
· Dobet Gnahoré (Cote d'Ivoire)
· Hanggai (China (Peoples Republic))
· Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde)
· Muntu Valdo (Cameroon)
· Warsaw Village Band (Poland) ·

Running to WOMAD!!!